Champagne Louis de Sacy Brut Originel Brut • 0.38 l • Blanc

The abundant fine bubbles color this Champagne pale. In the nose mostly mixed aromas of flowers and ripe fruit. In the mouth mainly fruit, well rounded and balanced, with a lingering finish.

A dual climate, which is predominantly oceanic but with continental tendencies. This complex weather pattern distinguishes the Champagne viticultural zone from the other terroirs in the same group.

Predominantly limestone with sedimentary rock composed of chalk, marl and limestone.

The grapes for this champagne (30% Chardonnay, 55% Pinot Noir and 15% Pinot Meunier) come from 7 different plots. This Brut Original lets you discover the subtle flavors that spring from an extra long ripening period of those grapes. Classical Method Champenoise with, of course, a 2nd fermentation in bottle.