2011 Monchiero Carbone Roero Riserva DOCG Printi • 0.75 Ltr. • Rosso

Colour: a ruby-red hue, giving greater depth without taking away any of its brightness. Nose: intense and very deep, with unmistakeable aromatic facets; an initially ethereal impact gives way to hints of raspberry and blackberry, which are made more complex by a background of sweet spices (cinnamon) and noble wood. Taste: great character showing through dense tannins and a magnificent alcohol/tannin balance; after a full-bodied, almost chewy entry, the silky soft tannins gradually spread into a long, round finish.


Weather and climate in Piedmont is determined by the Alps. The region has a temperate climate with warmer summers and mild winters.


Rock, marl and lime on a sandy subsoil.


Monchiero Carbone have been making Roero “Printi” since the 1997 vintage, one of the most interesting of the decade. The selection set out to produce a wine that could measure itself against the more structured Piedmontese reds, and deal confidently with decidedly long periods of ageing without forfeiting the elegance that is typical of the Nebbiolos originating on the steep slopes of the Roero. Here, on the limy, east-facing soil of Frailin hill, the grapes can benefit from dry, hot summer days, as well as enjoying the last lingering lukewarm rays of the setting sun in autumn: something which is often forgotten as being essential for a late-ripening variety such as Nebbiolo. Grown following traditional local mthods, the grapes are picked in the middle of October. The fermentation is always long and slow so as to allow all the natural ingredients contained in the grapes to develop in the wine. It is then drawn off into different fill barrels, where it completes its malolactic fermentation and remains for at least 24 months. After a further year of maturing in the peace and quiet of our old cellars, the wine is bottled in preparation for its release. With its expansive, fruity nose, followed by length and body on the mouth, though the taste is dominated by the elegance of Roero tannins, it will continue to improve with lengthy aging in the bottle.

Roero Riserva DOCG
13.50 %