2012 Monchiero Carbone Roero DOCG Srü • 0.75 l • Rosso

Colour: lively and bright soft ruby-red. Nose: its great complexity means that the aromas develop slowly, blossoming into refined fruity hints of raspberry, followed by aristocratic undertones of spices and liquorice. Taste: austere entry, with the tannins starting out slightly hard before gradually softening nicely into a long, stylish finish on which Roero’s fruity/floral vein is brought out the full.

the elegance of the tannins makes it an ideal match for T-bone steaks and grilled veal filet.

Weather and climate in Piedmont is determined by the Alps. The region has a temperate climate with warmer summers and mild winters.

Rock, marl and lime on a sandy subsoil.

The grapes are picked in the middle of October, and undergo lengthy, traditional-style fermentation to extract as much as possible from the skins. The wine is then drawn off the skins, and matured in French oak for around 18 months before completing its aging in the bottle.