Champagne Louis de Sacy - (France)

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Louis de Sacy is located in a very famous terroir in Montagne de Reims, Verzy. It is here that for 13 generations we cultivate the vine with passion always having in mind the idea of transmission of our know-how. The family owns the vineyard in Champagne since 1633. It was André Sacy who, in 1962, decided to produce Champagne, by founding Champagne Sacy Père et Fils which later became Champagne Louis de Sacy in 1986, named after our brilliant ancestor. Yaël and Jonathan Sacy, after various commercial experiences in France and abroad, joined the family business in 2013 in order to ensure continuity and to develop the notoriety. Today, Louis de Sacy exploit 18 hectares of vines with the deep respect of this land that has seen us born. Some numbers: 18 hectares of vines, 4 sectors, 23 identifiable plots Vines aged 28 years on average Grape varieties: 65% in Pinot Noir, 30% in Chardonnay and 5% in Pinot Meunier Soils: clay - limestone / limestone - marly Mountain of Reims: Verzy (Grand Cru) Trépail (1er Cru) Aube: Bligny Mont de Berru: Cernay Ardre Valley: Treslon